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D1    Approval of construction site organization plan, including all other necessary administrative consents
D2    Coordination of geodetic survey of the location to set up coordinates for objects construction
D3    Engineering supervision and inspection of the works, that includes introduction of the Contractors to the site and permanent control of the quality and progress of the works being carried out in accordance with approved and accepted technical documents
D4    Permanent quality control of materials and equipment intended for incorporation and monitoring that the quality of the materials being built in is at least equal to the quality and type of materials foreseen in technical documents, which is to be confirmed in submitted test certificates and notified in contractors’ log-books per each type of works/contractors within the project
D5    Supervision over probation and testing of the equipment intended for installation within the project facility
D6    Monitoring the progress of works to ensure that they are executed in accordance with the accepted construction progress chart
D7    Inspection and verification of data as per type of works, added by contractor into the log-books during construction works, and communication between expert supervision and contractor regarding technical documentation, progress of works, collection of payments for executed works and general monitoring on fulfilment of contractual obligations by contractual parties, including verification of other relevant construction work documents
D8    Measurement of the executed as-built works and quantities of built-in materials followed by its verification through the measurement construction book
D9    Review and verification of interim and final certificates for executed works and built-in equipment materials in accordance with the contract
D10  Cooperation with building inspectorates and other relevant authorities, on behalf of client
D11  All other remaining activities arising from the contract and regulations applicable to the certain type of works

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