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Organized as the company with its own strong team of engineers and wide network of standing associates, KOPRING PMC / INTECH PROJEKT enable the most efficient realization of the investment projects. Our experts are specialized in various areas of capital construction, having long-time experience and implementation of project management, permanently generating high level of services to our clients.

The company operates on three basic levels:

MANAGING - General Manager, executive directors, specially appointed directors
CONTROL - Project director, project coordinators, quality control engineers, technical and quality control committee
OPERATING - Department managers, leading engineers, marketing assistants, financial assistants, legal assistants, human resources assistants

Operating units are organized as follows:

Nominated for project design purposes and preparation of technical documentation; team is managed by design leader.

Nominated for project completion management for certain project; team is managed by project director.

Team on construction site, nominated for supervision and monitoring for construction of certain type of works; teams are managed by leading engineers for certain type of works.

unit for performing of certain expertise, supporting activities in the company or complete works of limited volume; departments are managed by department directors.

Thorough the vigorous selection, KOPRING PMC / INTECH PROJEKT choose the best experts, combining range of skills and experiences to deliver total solutions and maintain leading standard in service delivery. Furthermore, in order to meet specific requirements of the clients and its efficient and complete project realization, KOPRING PMC / INTECH PROJEKT hire other companies, subcontractors or specialized firms in certain disciplines, which use their own resources, finances, equipment and materials for effective works completion and fulfilment of contractual obligations.

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