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are bound legal entities, of identical business activities, 100% owned by the same entrepreneurs, but with separate head offices in two independent countries - Montenegro and Serbia. KOPRING PMC was founded in 2001, with the offices in Podgorica - the capital of Montenegro, and INTECHPROJEKT as the bound legal entity in Serbia was founded in 2007, and located in the city of Kragujevac, the very heart of Serbia.

“Under the same roof” the firms originate by pooling the engineers who acquired their skills, experience and references participating over previous years in completion of number of capital projects in Serbia, Montenegro and abroad. On the basis of essential knowledge, wide professional experience of our personnel and excellent recognition of local market, we do understand requirements of our clients and offer complete business solutions in completion of numerous investment projects across various sectors, such as construction of infrastructure, industrial, environmental, energetic, tourist facilities, offices, residential and public buildings.

In conformity with legal requirements in the field of capital construction, we are in possession of all legal licenses and certificates for performing of our activities, both for all company employees and network of permanent associates - institutions, including independent experts - consultants representing an integral part of the organization and companies operation.


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